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Outsource Your Traffic Generation Chores - Master Resell Rights

From The Desktop of Ken Dunn - Dunway Enterprises

Traffic. Traffic. Traffic.

That's the one word you always hear from almost anyone who is an Internet Marketer when you ask a question along the lines of:

  • "I've already built my website and my product is ready. What should I do next?"
    (Answer: Get traffic.)

  • "How do I get my product or service noticed by other people?"
    (Answer: Get traffic.)

  • "If I have to do one important thing every day to grow my business, what should it be?"
    (Answer: Get traffic!)

Sense a pattern?

"But Here's Truly Where The Problem Lies Within This 'Generalized' Solution."

You see, most people who enter business online are usually on a tight budget. Agree?

While the benefits of starting a 'virtual' type of business is almost unlimited and its profit potential can be enormous - as you can see from how much the Internet Marketing gurus are making every day, year in and year out - the problem is that most people are often doing this business...


Here's the thing: driving traffic to your website is a necessary daily operation. It's something you have to do every day if you want to grow your business. And if you know anything about smart business delegation, then surely you know that anything that can be done every day is now worth outsourcing to someone else to do it, right?

Maybe you've not thought of it before.

Or maybe you did... but your tight budget doesn't allow room for outsourcing.

Perhaps outsourcing is risky (and yes it can be... if you don't know anything about it!)

"Introducing Your Next Breakthrough In Traffic Generation -
Outsource Your Traffic Department!"

Traffic Generation - Outsource Your Traffic Department!

  1. Video Count: 6
  2. Length: 37 Minutes 18 Seconds
  3. Flash Format, Download After Purchase

Generating targeted traffic to your websites is a must, but who says you have to do it all by yourself?

In these video series, you will unearth the jealously guarded secrets that most Internet Marketing top guns are fighting to keep it just that: a secret.

Discover how you can leverage your traffic generation efforts on other people's effort, other people's website and take advantage of the Web 2.0 phenomenon to...

Boost your website traffic into OVERDRIVE mode!

Explode your sales volumes by leaps and bounds!

Grow your business exponentially!

And do it all with less effort!

Now introducing what you will learn in my video series:

Video #1:

Introduction and Brainstorming
(6 minutes and 22 seconds)

There many types of traffic that you can outsource, but before you jump out and start investing in all the different types of traffic you're about to see in this video series, it's very important to figure out what traffic types would most benefit your business. In this video, you'll learn how to brainstorm before you invest to much and dig yourself into a deep hole and what we'll be talking about in the future videos.

Video #2:

Social Bookmarking
(3 minutes and 23 seconds)

Social bookmarking is a powerful way to promote a website because these types of sites allow people to share valuable sites they have found with people of the same niche; in this case your niche. Now it can become very tedious and time consuming to submit to many Social Bookmarking sites, so you'll need people to do it for you, so you can focus on the more important parts of your business. You'll learn about a great site that we'll point you too; and other sites you can use to get people to do the hard labor for you.

Video #3:

Press Release Writing and Submission
(9 minutes and 27 seconds)

Not using Press Release Marketing to promote your business? Press releases are more so news based items, but anytime you launch a new product, a new service, and anything that can be related to news, you should be using Press Releases or else you are missing out big time. You'll learn how to find good press release writers and people to submit them manually to PR sites, so you can get hundreds of links back to your site; gaining better search engine ranking and traffic.

Video #4:

Article Submission
(5 minutes and 27 seconds)

Content Content Content! Article Marketing allows you to spread valuable content around the 'net and as you know good content builds trust between your prospects and your business. This method can be used to spread your article to thousands of sites, therefore bringing in tons of targeted traffic. Now writing an article can sometimes take 15-30 minutes, but if you want to write many articles on a constant basis, it can take up lots of your time. Why not just outsource it? With that said, you'll learn a specific method that will allow you to setup a system where you may outsource some of your submission in the beginning, but you will be able to submit articles yourself w/o any future costs.

Video #5:

Blog Creation & Blog Comments
(8 minutes and 6 seconds)

Search Engines love blogs; that's all there is too it, but maintaining blogs can become very time consuming. There are ways you can split up the jobs so you can save time and money. Blog Comments is a method of marketing where you go to Blogs of your niche and respond with "legitimate" comments to the blog posts. This method is white hat and allows you to stay on those blogs for a long time; reaping constant traffic back to your site. You'll need to find someone who is very reputable when you're doing blog comments and who actually reads them; so you'll learn more about that in this video.

Video #6:

Social Networking
(4 minutes and 33 seconds)

You've heard it all; everyone is using Social Networking to spread the word. Social Networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, and many more have become part of many people's lives. Being able to use these sites to market yourself and market your products is a must. But just like the traffic types as above, they take time. However, since you are dealing directly with building relationships with Social Networking, you must decide what part of Social Networking traffic you will outsource and which you will not. You'll learn more about that in this video.

"Which One Would You Prefer?"

Would you want to do everything by yourself and rely on 100% of your efforts to mobilize your business... or leverage on 1% of over 100 people's efforts to engineer profits and success?

The choice is clear.

"So How Much Does It Cost?"

How much is it worth to you if you can afford to un-shoulder the burden of paying the upkeeps to your business starting today, and let someone else do all the traffic generation work for you?

There are ways you can achieve this even on a shoe string budget, free your time and double your income and traffic count triple as much.

For many reasons, I could be letting all these go for the investment price of $297. But I want to make this easily available to you and that it's within your means, so heads up...

You Can Start Learning How To Outsource Your Traffic Department
For Just $297 $97 - $47.00 US!

Outsource Your Traffic Department

Outsourcing Your Traffic Department - Master Resell Rights

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Outsourcing Your Traffic Department
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