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Sales Page Examiner Pro V2.0

Sales Page Analysis and Reporting

Analyzes sales pages for over 50 different parameters in three categories

Professional Infoproduct Sales Page Examining Software

Point and click interface

Analyzes sales pages for over 50 different parameters in three categories

Extensive Text Analysis     Page Design Analysis   SEO Analysis

Sales Page Examiner Pro V2.0

From The Desktop of Ken Dunn - Dunway Enterprises

"You Ask Yourself! How This Software is Useful For Me?"

Have you ever wondered what makes a Sales Page successful?

Every website owner, selling ebooks, software, reports and other infoproducts should have answers to these questions .

  • How are meta tags, headlines, paragraphs, scripts, pictures, keywords, colors, fonts and over 50 different elements are tied together to make an Infoproduct Sales Page amazingly successful?

  • How is the Sales Page designed?

  • Are the colors used web-safe?

  • What keywords are used?

  • How frequently they are used?

  • How are the keywords placed throughout the page?

  • Where and how does the Sales Page get listed on major search engines?

  • Are the keywords used found in the top 500 searches?

Get instant answers to many such questions about any Infoproduct Sales Page at the click of a button.

Sales Page Examiner Pro software can analyze any Sales Page
and find out more than 50 features about the page that makes it a raving success.

Just point your mouse to the sales page location (url or a saved file on your hard disk) and click the "Start" button. The sales page gets downloaded immediately and analysis starts instantly.

Within seconds you will get a detailed report on more than 50 different elements of the given "Sales Page". View the results on your desktop or save for future reference. You can also email the results from within the software.

What Can I Do With This Software?

  • Instantly analyze any infoproduct sales page directly from the Internet and find out how the page has been designed. (Ebook sites, software sites, infoproduct sales pages)

  • Analyze your own ebook, software or infoproduct sales pages and compare the results with other successful, money-making web sites.

  • Get instant results for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for keywords in your sales pages

  • Find out the Search Engine positions of your competitors.

  • Learn the techniques used by your competitors in designing their infoproduct sales pages.

  • Discover the keywords used by your competitors and how those keywords are used throughout their sales pages.

  • Easily understand how headings, fonts and colors are used.

  • Find out how many "hypnotic" words are used in any sales page that makes the visitor click the order button.

  • Discover the techniques like, copywriting, writing styles, persuasive phrases and power words used in any infoproduct sales page.

... all the above features and many more to give you complete control and power to build or tweak your sales pages so that your website brings you real cash and not just visitors.

Save Hundreds of Hours of Research Time

To build a successful sales page, you need to put in hundreds of hours of research to find out and implement various elements like colors, fonts, scripts, pictures, keywords etc.

You will also have to test, wait, tune-up, rework, redesign and repeat the process again and again so that your sales page is pulling as you expect it to be. All these exercises will kill your precious time. 

Do the right thing first time and save countless hours of research. Learn what the professionals are doing and find out how their sales pages are successful. 

All the details you need are made available to you instantly by using
Sales Page Examiner Pro V2.0 software.

Complete text, design and search-engine-optimization analysis on the click of a button.

"Your Infoproduct Sales Page Should Be Built To Make You Real Money, Fast"

Infoproduct Sales Pages are not ordinary web pages. They are built to pull in orders and make tons of money for the website owner.

Sales Page Examiner Pro V2.0 is the software you need to learn all about profit-pulling sales pages.

Give the website url or the name of the file stored on your hard disk and click "Start". The software instantly downloads the Sales Page and performs a detailed analysis within minutes.

The results can be viewed on your desktop or exported into a variety of formats including Word, Excel and CSV.

You can also email the results directly from the software.

Sales Page Examiner, SPA for short analyzes Sales Page text and reports all the details in an easy to understand format under three categories.

  • Page Text Analysis
  • Page Design Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization Analysis

Know Everything About Any Sales Page Text Using The ...
"Text Analysis Report" The Examiner Generates Instantly For You

Successful "Sales Pages" sell using words. The selection of proper words can make your site sell. 

Your sales copy will give your site enormous persuasive power by using certain proven "power" words and "hypnotic" phrases.

The way your sales page looks is also important and plays a vital role in making your website visitors to click on the "order" button.

Proper usage of bulleted text, underlined text, bold text, symbols, highlights, italics, clichés and phrases can make your sales page highly persuasive.

Gain amazing power and incredible insight into your own sales page or any other infoproduct sales page using "Sales Page Examiner Pro V2.0" software.

Get all the details you want to know about any sales page instantly: -

  • List of Bold Text used in the page

  • List of all Hyperlinks

  • List of mailto: links

  • Minimum paragraph length used

  • Maximum paragraph length used

  • Page word count

  • List of Power words and Hypnotic words used

  • List of bulleted text

  • Text symbols used

  • Highlighted text used

  • Italicized text used

  • List of phrases inside quotes (" ")

  • Clichés used

  • Whether the links are Cloaked?

  • Number of times the reader is “told” to order / buy / get

  • Number of Bonus products listed

  • List of Headlines

  • List of Sub-headlines

  • Opening paragraph

  • Copyright Information

  • Contact Email on Page

  • Contact Phone on Page

  • Contact Fax on Page

  • Post Script Text

Design Analysis Report Will Give You All The Details You Want To Know About Various Design Elements Used In Any Sales Page

Sales page are designed keeping only one thing in mind - to get the visitor click on the "order" button.

There are tens of thousands of sales pages out there but only a fraction of them are making real money. Only about 5% of the sales pages are actually "pulling" orders and making all the money.

The secret to building a successful, money-making website lies in "Page Designing"

Your page should be designed to keep your visitors reading all you have got to say about your products and hitting the "order" button immediately.

To keep reading, your sales page should be designed in such a way that it is convenient to read, easy to understand, easy to navigate, should not strain the eyes of the reader and finally easy to order from you.

SALES PAGE EXAMINER PRO can analyze and produce results about all the design elements used in any sales page, including: -

  • Name of the Domain or website

  • Date when the Page was last updated

  • Page download time

  • Background color used

  • Is the sales letter copy long or short?

  • Number of Links Out / In?

  • Number of Forms used

  • Number of Fonts used

  • Number of Paragraphs

  • Number of Tables used

  • Number of Colors used

  • Whether Colors used are Web-safe?

  • List of Font used

  • Font Sizes used

  • Number of images/pictures used

  • Image sizes and alt tags

  • Audio on Page?

  • Video on Page?

  • Whether JavaScript is used?

  • Are Cookies used?

  • Are there any Applets in the Page?

  • Flash used?

  • DHTML/CSS used?

  • Is the “Order” Link Secure?

  • Popup, pop under used?

"Search Engine Optimization Analysis" Is The Most Important Part of The Software. This Will Help You Find Out How The Sales Page Is Seen And Indexed By Search Engines.

Using Sales Page Examiner Pro V2.0 software, find out how any sales page is seen and indexed by major search engines.

Get instant analysis and report on keywords, density, placement, frequency, comments, position along with a list of all the meta tags used. 

  • Keyword Density Analysis

  • Keyword Frequency

  • Keyword Placement

  • Keywords in URL

  • Keywords found in Top Searches

  • Page Title

  • Page Title Description

  • Keywords Used

  • List of All Meta Tags

  • Comments (comment tags)

  • Search engine position analysis

  • Host info

  • Whois info

Let Sales Page Examiner V2.0 get everything you ever wanted to know about any sales page.

It's Excitingly Simple - Only 2 Steps To Examine Any Sales Page Quickly

Step1 - Give the URL of the sales page you want to Examine or just type the name of the file in the textbox and click the "Start" button.

Step 2 - The requested web sales page is downloaded and analyzed instantly. You can view the results on screen, click on the built-in hyperlinks for detailed information, export the analysis results or send the report by email.

System Requirements

Windows 98/Me/XP/2000

Internet Explorer

Internet Connection (if you want to analyze sales pages directly from the Internet)

Microsoft Office (optional, required only if you want to export report to MS-Word or MS-Excel

Take Charge! Be In Total Control

You can change almost all the analysis rules to suit your requirements. 

Use the built-in "Settings" tab to customize and give your own rules for analysis and reporting.

Use the default settings or define your own settings for: -

  • Hypnotic words

  • Power words

  • Clichés and phrases

  • Command copy like "order", "buy", "get"

  • Text symbols

  • Words denoting bonus products

  • Web-safe colors list

  • Audio file extensions

  • Video file extensions

  • Flash file extensions

  • Long/short copy


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If for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied with this product, just contact me within 90 days and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No need for explanations or excuses, just let me know and I'll refund your full purchase price on the spot.

The confidence to offer 100% money-back guarantee!

We are sure that you will be pleased with the results and refer your friends to us.

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  • You May Not Sell The Software On Any Auction Sites

  • The Software Itself Cannot Be Altered.

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