"4 Quick and Easy Steps to Tracking Your Web Results"

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"Do You Know Where Your Website Visitors Are Coming From?"

"Are You Tracking The Results of Your Advertising Links?"

"Why Not?"

From The Desktop of Ken Dunn - Dunway Enterprises

"I can show you in simple terms how to quickly and easily set up your websites and advertising campaigns to start tracking your results .... Today!"

Dear Fellow Marketer,

When I first started online a couple of years ago all of the research that I read and respected clearly indicated that once you had your marketing ‘system’ in place (sales page, opt-in page, thank you / download page, and various advertising campaigns) it was absolutely critical that you Track Your Results.

  • After all, how can you possibly know how well you are doing if you don’t have any idea where your customers are coming from? 

  • How long do they stick around? 

  • What parts of your website are they interested in? 

  • How many click through to which of your offers? 

  • What percentage sign up for your newsletter or special offer? 

  • Do they then follow through with the confirmation process? 

  • Download?

You get the picture.

Ken Scovill - Author: "4 Quick and Easy Steps to Tracking Your Web Results"
Ken Scovill

Also the experts all recommend A/B split testing on the various elements of your system in order to see what works best and improve conversions on sales and opt-ins. Get your first advertisement, sales letter, or squeeze page out there. Then start alternating in slightly different versions with varying headlines, colors, bullets, etc.

Stick with the best performer and try it again with another variation.
And how do you know which one performs the best?   Track Your Results.

Now comes the interesting part…  (drum roll please).
No one ever really tells you HOW to do this. It’s not exactly a glamorous subject.

"What if I could guide you Step-by-Step Exactly how to set it all up?"
"And, with a Free Tool?"

The free tool?  Google Analytics.

Whoa now!  Don't cringe like that!

The truth of the matter is that, for no cost, Google Analytics is:

One of the most comprehensive tracking systems out there. Plus it is attached to the Giant of all search engines so it has access to the greatest amount of information.

Plus it allows you to link and track your Adwords campaigns right along with it - Automatically - I know, I know.  Google’s instructions tend to be a bit convoluted and confusing. They offer much more information than is necessary and ultimately confuse the issue. This basically makes it really hard to get started.

"Oh, if only there was a set of straight-forward, simple instructions to help basic Internet Marketers track what is going on in their world using a comprehensive and free tool such as Google Analytics?"

That is why I decided to put out this report,

"4 Quick & Easy Steps to Tracking Your Web Results"

Tracking Your Web Results - Ebook Cover

Here is what you'll get:

30 pages of step-by-step guidance written in plain and simple English
with lots of screen shots that show you exactly how to:

  • Create your Analytics Account

  • Configure your Website Profile

  • Install your Tracking Code - How to Get it, Edit it, and exactly Where to put it

  • Link to your Adwords Account (optional)

  • Set up your Goals and Funnels (optional) with specific examples.

  • Set up Filters (optional) to prevent your own website maintenance from skewing results

  • Tag your Advertising Links and Campaigns to track results with examples specific to various types of campaign such as banners, emails, newsletters, classified ads, and articles

  • Set up the tracking code if your website is a blog.

  • Now with 2 video tutorials to help you get started!

If you've ever tried to dig  through the piles of instructions that Google throws at you, clicking on link after link, finding one page that tells you one thing and then another that tells you something totally different, then you know 'exactly' why I've decided to put this report together for you. If you've ever found that little nugget that you were looking for only to discover that it was so buried that it was never to be found again, then you have come to the right place.

These are your rights to the report '4 Quick & Easy Steps to Tracking Your Web Results' and ..
also apply to the bonus videos.


[YES] MRR Rights to sell
[YES] Can be sold
[YES] Can sell Resell Rights
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[YES] Can add to Membership Sites
[YES] Can sell on Auction Sites
[YES] Can be Given Away to subscribers
[YES] Can be Packaged with other Paid Products
[YES] Can be offered as a Bonus with another product
[YES] Includes mini site Graphics
[YES] Sales Page included (can be edited as you wish)

[NO] Can not be Rebranded with your own name and links as provided
[NO] Can not be edited completely and Your Name put on it
[NO] Can not sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can not be used for Giveaway Events
[NO] Can not be broken-down into Articles
[NO] Can not be used as Web Content

So how much will it set you back for
"4 Quick & Easy Steps to Tracking Your Web Results"? 

Just $12 US.

That's right. For the cost of a sub sandwich you can cut lots of hours or maybe even days off of the learning curve?

Eliminate the excuses and take action now.

Yes! That's all this fantastic, step-by-step guide is gonna cost you ... $12.00 US.

In just hours from now, you could be all set up to start tracking:

Where are your visitors coming from?

  • Advertising links?
  • Organic Search?
  • Referrals?
  • Affiliates?
  • Are some Geographical areas better than others?

  • What are my conversion rates of visitors to sales or opt-ins?

  • What segments of the population are more interested in buying or who is just looking?

  • How long do visitors stick around on my site?

  • What pages and content are they most interested in?

  • Does my sales or opt-in 'funnel' flow smoothly?

  • What page do visitors tend to drop out or leave?

  • How many visitors are 'Loyal' followers?.

  • How many times do they come back over a period of time?

  • What type of internet connection and browser does each visitor have?

  • Can I have more video?

  • Which of my advertising campaigns brings in the most visitors?

  • Which articles brought in the most traffic and from which article directory?

The list could go on and on...
Limited only by your imagination.

And, if that's not enough - there's also absolutely no risk!

Your Iron-Clad, No-Risk, All-Your-Money-Back, 8-Week Guarantee!

"4 Quick and Easy Steps to Tracking Your Web Results" comes with a no questions asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason, you decide that "4 Quick and Easy Steps to Tracking Your Web Results" is not for you, you'll get every penny back.

In fact, I'm so confident you'll be fully satisfied with "4 Quick and Easy Steps to Tracking Your Web Results" that I am willing to let you actually keep the report, now matter what - as my way of saying thank you for trying "4 Quick and Easy Steps to Tracking Your Web Results". So, you see, you have absolutely no risk in ordering "4 Quick and Easy Steps to Tracking Your Web Results" - all the risk is on me!

Don't Waste Another Minute Wondering How Things Are Going!
Get Your Report and Start Tracking Today!


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To Your Success,

Ken Dunn - Dunway Enterprises

Here's what some others have had to say:


I can see you used my Recipe for product creation. I really like how you've laid this guide out, with easy instructions and great screenshots. You make it so easy to set up Google Analytics on your sites, that I printed out your guide so I can keep it here in my bookshelf.

This will be my reference, as you have made a perfect manual.

Kevin Riley

Osaka, Japan

I gotta tell you, I am a real dunce when it comes to this stuff. It's the one bane of my IM existence.  And yet Ken's report was so easy to understand that I finally get it.

Somebody should send a message to Google and tell them that their Analytics "explanation" could use Ken's report to get it into easy to understand English.

Then maybe more dummies like me would actually use the blasted thing.

Ken, thanks for a great report.

Steven Wagenheim
New Jersey, USA

I am a bit of a testing and tracking freak.

I really know my way around Google Analytics, and use it ever y day on all my sites. I learned a few things in this report I did not know! I was shocked and surprised! PLEASANTLY!

I can give this my 100% full recommendation! At the price, a STEAL! Now, WHEN, not if you by this, makes sure you actually USE it!

Kind Regards,

Richelo Killian
Great Britain - Internet Marketing Solved

Hi Ken,

Wow! ... excellent value, thank you so much!

Even a tech-phobe like me can easily understand and apply your elegantly simple guide.  btw, simple is not in anyway a limitation... ergo your 4 Quick & Easy Steps! ideal for helping mere mortals like me benefit from Google Analytics.

... again, many thanks, GREAT JOB!!!


PS: Did I mention that this Google Analytics guide now comes with 2 video tutorials to help you get started?

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